Best VPN for Spotify ( Free & Pro )

Best VPN for Spotify
Best VPN for Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music platforms in the world. But, they do not allow all country to register on their platform till now. They do not allow those countries IP to access any of Spotify platform like android apps, ios apps and windows application. That means, you can not access spotify on your laptop/ pc, android mobile or iphone from these restricted country. So, the only way to enjoy spotify music from these countries is to use a VPN on your device.

To listen spotify music your need good data transfer rate to stream the music. So, you need fast VPN for spotify to enjoy uninterrupted music. So, you need VPN that has good server speed. If you are looking for premium VPN services, you may get some good service provide that support spotify.

But if you are looking for free vpn services that is not easy to found a good one. Because most of free VPN has a slow server that interrupts on streaming music. Also uses limit is a must consider fact when you are choosing some VPN for streaming. By considering all of these facts we found only one VPN that is best for using spotify. If you are a marketer and do spotify promotion for artist, we would like to suggest you go for pro. Some spotify plays promotion servic provider also use VPN to check their result on different country topchart rank. But, if you are a regular user of spotify music, you can use the free plan of vpn. If you are heavy audience of spotify music , you should go for pro plan of VPN. Because pro plans ensure unlimited data transfer.

Best Free VPN for Spotify:

The best free VPN for Spotify is Windscribe .

Why Windscribe is the best VPN for Spotify for FREE:

The best VPN for Spotify

We have considered the following points to found and select the best free vpn for spotify.

VPN Server Speed:

For streaming music, server speed is one of the most important issues that we need to consider. For a free VPN server, it is not easy to get high-speed server. We have tried 20+ VPN that offer free data to use. But, most of the servers shows bad performance. we found very good data transfer rate on windscribe . We have tested their free version on 5 server and get above 10 Mbps data transfer rate for download data.

VPN Datacenter Location:

VPN Datacenter location is also very important fact to consider. Because, if you are from nearest datacenter get higher speed. Also if you are an artist on spotify and browse your spotify account from other location IP may harm your account. Windscribe have 55+ countries on their VPN. For free version you can use 10 location. And no other VPN is providing that much location on free services.

Free Data Use Limit:

Most of free VPN provide very less data support that is not enough for streaming. For streaming you need minimum 8 GB to 10 GB data per month if you listen music regularly. And only windscribe provide free 10 GB data per month .So its more than good for sure.

Maximum Allowed Countries:

For free version of VPN most of provider allows only one country. Some of them provide maximum of 3 location. But only windscribe allow you to use maximum 10 countries for their free vpn plan too. You can use the following countries location on their free server too: United Stares ( US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland. Hongkong. With the pro plan of you can also get Japan, India, Sweden, Australia, Singapur, UAE, Argentina, Brazil and lot more countries.

If you are thinking to buy a vpn service, We would like to recommend you to go with Windscribe for sure. This is best for free and paid vpn for spotify.

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