Must Read Before Use VPN Crack Software on PC or Mobile

Digital security key concept background with binary data code

This is another way to commit suicide. All your confidential files may go to hacker hands.

Let share my personal experience first:

I have installed some crack software download from internet. I installed it to my laptop. At the beginning , I thought it might not gonna work! buy, the software working so fine. I feel very happy because that software cost 149$ and I get it for free! I used that software for some time about 2-3 hours and go to sleep. By next day morning, I got many email on Inbox, from Payoneer and Paypal !!! I have sent all my balance to someone!!! I had about 4000+ USD balance on my payoneer! I got mail that I sent my full balance to another account! Not even that, I also got mail that I changed my password on payoneer and paypal too! I thought , payoneer database get hacked, I tried to contact them but they ensure, that they are not hacked! Only my account face this issue! As hacker changed my password , I lost access to my payoneer account too! This incident happened last year with me. After the incident , I lost many information stored on my laptop also the money that was on my account! And all these happened only because of that ” CRACKED SOFTWARE”. From that day, I decide never use cracked software on my Laptop.

Now come to the topics, and I hope most of you already understand why you should avoid cracked VPN software or any other software on your PC. I gonna share some more issue that may arise if you use cracked VPN Software on your PC.

Malware & Spyware Attack:

Most of cracked software come with hidden files that contain some code and auto run script. This type auto run script known as malware and spyware. They work silently. When you start your windows, they become active. Start scanning your PC and sent all important file to hacker server. Hacker Server can get a clone copy on your pc very fast. And they will find everything you stored on your pc.

Modern hackers do not harm on your pc. They don’t delete your files also. They only keep spying on you. Even your laptop camera may go under their control.

It May Herms Other Software Too

Using cracked VPN software, your computer may be filled with virus and may not work properly. Some virus even can not be clean by Anti-virus.

They may corrupt some important system file so that they not be recognized by the system. So, your system might not work properly.

Your Personal Data Goes To Hackers Hand:

The most cruel this may done that your personal data goes to hackers hand and they may blackmail you by them. Specially, if you are a women and they get some private picture or other thing , it may be leaked on different website that will great threat of you. So, avoid using cracked software.

Your Bank Information / Financial Data Might Be Compromised !

Huh! I faced it personally, So I know, How much it suffers. They use your bank data or paypal even for terrorist activities that may ruin your life!

This Is Illegal Activity:

Using cracked software for VPN or any other perpous is illegal. By law , you can not use them without pay to the authority. So, you may FINED! if you found it to be done! From ethical part of view, this is criminal activity too.

You Will Not Get Any Update:

For cracked software you will not get any update from the vpn software you are using. No server or core update will receive by a creaked software.

This Makes Your Device Vulnerable to Attack

As VPN cracked software disable or take control of your device firewall , this make your device vulnerable to any attack. That may cause of possible crash of system.

You can easily find crack vpn software for many reputed VPN service provider like : CyberGhost, Express VPN, Nord VPN, Betternet, Hotspot Shield, HMA, Private VPN and many by their latest version, but, its highly risky to use and recommended not to use any crack VPN software.


So, Never use creaked VPN software to your pc or mobile. This may cost higher compared to real price to buy it. Try to use free VPN you can not pay money to use it.

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