Proxy vs VPN: Which Is Better

Proxy Vs VPN
Proxy Vs VPN

There is no doubt that security is one of the most important aspects of the cyberworld. It is one of the key tools in protecting the privacy of computer users. While surfing the internet, there is need to consider the security of our data and information and you can surf the internet anonymously or privately.

It is imperative to tighten your system’s security against cyber attacks and there is a plethora of ways to achieve this feat. Cyber attacks can be quelled by improving your web privacy and web privacy can be achieved by using VPN or Proxies. Many computer internet users are usually confused on which of the two tools to use because VPN and Proxies seem to be similar in various ways. In this article, VPN vs Proxy comparison will be analyzed and the differences and the similarities between them will be deciphered.

What is VPN:

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. When browsing via the VPN, it will appear as though the computer user is browsing from a different IP address. It is an encrypted and secured way of browsing.

Users that wish to browse via the VPN must install the VPN software in their device. Secured, encrypted, and anonymous connection is established when the software is switched-on and connection is established to the internet. It provides a secure connection tunnel with the server of the VPN and all the traffic and connection will then be secured and encrypted. Many details about the browser will be private appearing as though you are browsing from the Server of the VPN and not from your computer. Browsing via the VPN is much secured and it hides virtually all the data from third-parties and even your Internet service provider. You can encrypt and secure your network when browsing on a public or unsecured wi-fi connection with no worries because with VPN installed in your device, your traffic will remain private and encrypted over the network. 

There are myriads of VPN providers and they vary in performance. Some VPNs are free while others are not. To achieve a fast and highly secured VPN connection, you have to make use of an excellent VPN provider. In this case you have to pay for it. There are many free VPN providers but many people cannot afford to lose their privacy on the grounds of cost.

What is Proxy?

The operation of the proxies is similar to that of the VPN. Proxies don’t only secure but they change the details of the network. While surfing the internet through the proxy servers, your computer network IP address will change to the proxy servers while appearing as though you are browsing from a different location. The proxy provides an interface between the computer and the internet. It conceals the real IP address of the computer so that the website owners would view the proxy IP address instead of the real IP address of the computer. The proxy servers are mostly used when accessing contents that are restricted from some locations or websites that restrict users from some countries. Proxy does not really offer immense security to the network traffic. There is no encryption and third-parties can have access to it. In terms of privacy, the only concrete thing to decipher is that it swaps your real IP address with the IP address of another place.


Software Issue:

Proxies are not installed as an application. It is only used by the browser. It should not be used at all times but it is advisable to use it for some minor online work when needed. Proxies will change or swap your IP. It offers basic level of privacy and your traffic details will easily leak through the proxy server. By using proxies, your browsing history and IP addresses can be stored over the network; hence; it will be seen by the website you are trying to access.

In the case of VPN, you will be offered optimal security and privacy.  A plethora of VPN providers offer the no-logging privilege so that you will surf the internet anonymously. Your IP address will remain hidden and it does not allow your browsing data to be stored. In this case, there is no possibility for your online information and browsing history to be traced.

Numbers Of IP :

Most of the online adverts are targeted at a specific IP address. You can reduce the extent of adverts targeted to you when surfing the internet with proxies. This is great but it is also risky because most of the proxy companies might inject their adverts on the website. This is in contrast with surfing the internet with VPN. VPN offers 100% protection. VPN is installed in the device, it protects and encrypts every network activity within the device including downloading and uploading of files. The VPN is efficient in every connection and it is fully encrypted. VPNs allow you use many IP from different servers.

System Configuration:

Proxies are not heavy and they don’t add extra load to the device. Proxies would be ideal for owners of old computers with low memory, but who would love to trade this with the enormous security risks that are involved with surfing the internet through proxies?   In 2015, an online study of 25,000 proxies shows that only 14% of the proxies are safe for use. This is quite in contrast with the ever dependable VPN protection. VPN offers better access to websites and online contents that are geo-restricted. There are enormous VPN servers which are littered everywhere around the world. You can harness any of them to access and break the regional blocks. So, VPNs use more processor and RAM compared to using proxy individually.


You need to buy every proxy individually, where VPN come with many server at different location and many IP. So, VPN is more cost effective than proxy. But, For VPN you need to monthly or yearly subscription, that cost you one time higher. Where proxy need small amount to pay for use single IP. So, if you need regular change your IP, VPN give you best result at cheaper rate.


This is one of most important part of this comparison between proxy and VPN. The main thing you need to consider before purchase proxy or VPN that, where and why you want to use it?

If you wish to use it on torrent, enjoy online movie, music or access any website, definately you should go with VPN. Becuase , this give you best deal and better value for money.

BUT, if you wish to use IP to any software, for SEO, SMM or any other purpose, VPN will not work on it. You need to buy proxy for that.

Wrapping up:

It is apparent that 99.9% of computer users prefers VPN to Proxies. Proxies are cheap, but VPN offers a more stable, anonymous, and secured connection.  The VPN requires investment. Don’t be perturbed. It might not be too much because some of the VPN softwares are cheap. Considering the positives and the negatives, it would be more ideal for computer users to know the most convenient time to use these tools and how to use them.


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